Lafferty Bank Quality Ratings

Monitoring the world's best banks


Higher quality, higher value

Lafferty Bank Quality Ratings is a unique new research and intelligence service that continuously rates banks worldwide for their quality.

During the unfortunate events of the past ten years, the failures of a few banks gave the industry a bad reputation. Yet there are very many excellent banks around the world — and the vast majority are not global giants. Size does not make a good bank, quality does!

There is no perfect formula for success. Rather, we see many different "models for success" — and we can share these insights to help you develop a higher quality bank.

Find out about the hidden 'gems' in European retail banking.

Bespoke Bank Quality Rating and Benchmarking

The individual bank quality rating provides an in-depth analysis and insight into your bank with commentary on each metric and recommendations for improvement. The service can be augmented by:

1. Peer benchmarking
2. Best in class benchmarking

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